First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is exciting, easy and exceptionally rewarding journey when you have expert guidance from people in the know.

First Home Buyer Keys

Everything’s more fun with the right company

With Arden Vale, you’ll be in good company throughout your home buying journey. We have more than three decades of experience settling thousands of people into their first homes. So, it’s a given that you’ll get the best advice to make great decisions and take the right steps from the outset … and all the way to your new front door.

First Home Owners’ Grant

With the First Home Owners’ Grant, you could soon be $15,000 closer to owning your first home.

First Home Buyer Grant 1
First Home Buyer Grant 2

If you’re a first home buyer who is buying or building a new home with Arden Vale up to the value of $750,000, you may be eligible for the Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant, a state government incentive to help first home buyers into new homes sooner.

How to apply

How and when to apply, through whom, and which documentation you include can all make a difference to how quickly your application is processed and whether the outcome is successful, so it’s important to make sure every detail is covered.


Check your eligibility

Before starting your application, it’s useful to determine whether you are eligible to apply. The Queensland Government provides a comprehensive eligibility list you can check, and an online eligibility test where you can answer a series of straightforward questions to determine whether you should apply.


Seek advice from those who know

We recommend speaking with a finance professional or your Arden Vale home consultant so that you can get the best and quickest outcome from your application. They can help you ensure the details you include are accurate at the time you’re lodging your application and assist in getting your supporting documentation together.


Complete and submit your application

The application itself is a paper-based application that can be lodged through an approved agent in Queensland or directly through the Office of State Revenue. For the most up-to-date information about applying, and to download a copy of the application, visit the Queensland Government First Home Owners’ Grant website.

Timing of grant payments

Once you know your application is successful, other factors then determine when your grant will be paid. The grant is usually provided in stages, so it may or may not contribute to your initial home deposit. Timing will depend on how you applied and through whom, as well as the particulars of your new home –

like whether it’s an ‘off the plan’ house and land package or a new home being built on land you own. Visit the Queensland Government First Home Owners’ Grant website and speak for details with your Arden Vale building consultant so they can help you plan ahead.

Building your home step by step

The building process can be entirely unfamiliar territory when you’re a first-time homebuyer – but don’t worry, we’ve gone through it a few times before.

First Home Buyers

So, we understand that, compared with other homebuyers, you might need some extra guidance and extra communication along the way.

We’ve been helping first home buyers navigate their way through the buying and building process for more than three decades. And we’re certain that we can make the process a smooth and remarkably enjoyable one for you too, with all the updates you need along the way to feel confident that everything is going to plan.

It can be a steep but fun learning curve. So, if you’re looking for a headstart in understanding what lies ahead on your building journey, read our essential guide to the building process

Home designs to suit your land

Narrow or wide, compact or sprawling, level or sloped, there’s an Arden Vale design solution for every type of allotment – and the added flexibility to customise any design.  

We can work with you to determine which designs in our range will bring out the best in your land and its unique features – size, shape, orientation, views, gully breezes – while ensuring any home you choose aligns with your personal preferences.

The homes we recommend for first home buyers are low-maintenance with functional, well-thought-out floorplans fit for your specific lifestyle needs. With anywhere between three and five bedrooms, they are spacious, include everything you’ll need to move straight in and are all set at an accessible pricepoint.

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House and land packages

A simple, affordable and streamlined way into owning your first home, a complete house and land package is one of the most popular choices for first home buyers.

When a house and a block of land are packaged together, the more complex work of buying a new home is already done for you: you won’t need to search for land, or a home that works with it, because we already have. All you need to consider is where you want to buy and which package suits you best.

Our packages include award-winning designs, options for personalised finishes and the same lifetime structural guarantee* given on all Arden Vale homes. And any package you decide on will be offered at a fixed price, so you can still buy within your budget with no unwelcome surprises.

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