First Home Builders

When you’re doing something as lifechanging as building a new home, you’ll most likely want to get things right the first time around. That’s where we can help.

First Home Builders

It’s your first time building. But it’s not ours.

At Arden Vale, we’ve been taking homebuyers through the building journey over more than three decades. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the whole process, making sure each and every step happens the right way at the right time, and none of the important details are overlooked along the way.

Is building new right for you?

Deciding between buying an established home and building new will likely come down to your individual tastes and preferences, where you want to live, your financial situation and how you envision the next few years of your life.

But whether you’re a first homebuyer, next homebuyer or an investor growing your property portfolio, building new is often the safest bet for establishing a solid foundation for your future. Consider these benefits.

Building New 1
Building New 2

Lower ongoing costs

Even if you’re not eligible for incentives, over time a new home will generally cost less compared with an older one. With new appliances and more energy-efficient features, a new home will generate lower running costs. It is also unlikely to involve any costly emergency renovations an older home might surprise you with.

Government incentives

If you’re eligible for government financial incentives like the Regional Home Building Boost Grant and First Home Owners’ Grant, you could receive a sizeable financial boost towards building your new home, and possibly savings on stamp duty.

Return on your investment

And, if the time eventually comes when you decide to sell your home or rent it out, it could yield great returns and ensure your financial stability well into the future.

More time for what matters to you

A new home with a properly landscaped garden usually involves much less maintenance than an established home. With less maintenance time filling your calendar, you can devote more time to enjoying your new lifestyle.  

Your home, your choice

Any home you build with Arden Vale will be a home to carefully match your individual lifestyle, tastes and needs – so you won’t need to renovate, repair or even repaint over the DIY projects of previous homeowners.

We’ll work with you to figure out how to achieve a home that’s ‘you’, whether it’s a home off the plan with finishes that bring your signature style to life, or a fully custom-designed home that’s yours through and through. Stop by our display home for inspiration.

Being part of something new

Our house and land packages are located in upcoming and recently established housing areas, with all the convenience of schools, healthcare, shopping centres, gyms and plenty of open spaces nearby.

By building new, you can choose a location that suits you and be part of shaping your local community from the very beginning. Search our newest house and land packages or find new land.

Our land or yours

We don’t mind. Building you the best home for your needs is our priority, and we’re as confident building on your land as we are on the land we carefully select to create our house and land packages.

With years of experience in working with land of all shapes, sizes and unique environmental features, we’ve developed a series of standard designs to suit, and offer full custom design solutions too.

Your Land Or Ours

First Time Builder Home Designs

Homes to suit your land

Whether you have a vacant block of land waiting to be developed or are looking to knock down your existing property to build your new and improved home, you may have a surprising number of options available – even if your land comes with its own set of challenges.

Arden Vale are designed and built with land and environmental features in mind, whether they’re from our extensive range of standard designs or entirely custom designed. We consider factors like the slope and orientation of your block, whether there are established trees that need to be built around, and opportunities to make use of passive energy like warmth from the sun and cooling breezes. By leaving no stone unturned when assessing your property, we can plan and build a home that ticks the boxes on your wish list while also integrating all the unique benefits of your land.

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First Time Builder HL

House and land packages

With a complete house and land package, we’ve already taken care of choosing the best land in up-and-coming development areas and have a selection of award-winning designs to match.

For each block of land, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of designs straight off the plan or customised with finishes to suit your preferences, or we can work with you to create the custom-designed home of your dreams.

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First Home Builders Steps

Building, step by step

Deciding to build for the first time is a big step, with many more steps to follow once the process begins. There will be important decisions to make, papers to sign and payments to set down – and we have the experience, knowledge and industry connections to guide you through it all.

Your personal building consultant will be available to answer questions and let you know about the progress of your home whenever you need an update. And as our experts and tradespeople transform your plans on a page into your newly built home and a set of keys in your hand, we’ll let you know exactly what actions you need to take when and how, step by step.

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