Knockdown Rebuild

A knockdown rebuild will allow you to build your new dream home and stay settled in the location you’ve already grown to love.

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A fresh start on your home soil

To achieve the best of both worlds, we have a specialist Knockdown Rebuild team to manage the process and support you through it all. Their extensive experience, industry connections and know-how will help to make your whole experience straightforward and stress-free – from the first discussion and concept stages, through the removal of your old home and capping of services, to leveling your site to begin the building process.

When knocking down to rebuild makes sense


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There are clear benefits to knocking down your home and moving forward to build the home you have always dreamt of in its place. Before deciding to relocate or engage in a major renovation project, it is worth considering whether a knockdown rebuild may be a better option for you.

Have the new home you want without saying goodbye and relocating.

If your current location is already ideal, with great neighbours and everything you need, and the only issue is a home that no longer suits, a knockdown rebuild can provide a complete and desirable solution.

A knockdown rebuild presents an opportunity to have the home of your dreams and still hold on to all you have grown accustomed to – people, cafés, work, school and the irreplaceable experience of being a local.

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Save time on looking for a new home in a new location.

While there are many opportunities to build a new home in a new neighbourhood, finding the perfect balance of the best home, land, neighbourhood and environment can take time.

With a knockdown rebuild, the type of home you want is all you need to consider. We can assist in every step from there, and provide you with a demolition and construction timeline so you will know when your home will be ready for you to move in. 

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Avoid the unexpected downsides of renovating.

Renovating may be the first option that comes to mind when a home no longer suits. But a knockdown rebuild can be a safer and more cost-efficient solution.

A knockdown rebuild can enable you to bypass any further work or expenses that renovating can unexpectedly unearth – high costs for restumping, replacing hard‑to‑source bricks after salt damp, fixing water damage and other unwelcome surprises.

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Save money by avoiding relocation costs and general expenses over time.

Cost savings can be significant when you construct a brand-new home on your existing property. From the outset, a knockdown rebuild will not incur stamp duty fees, which may save you up to ~$20,000.

By replacing an older home with a newer one, there is no retrofitting involved, and you will also be less likely to need any costly major repairs or renovations for many years to come. The improved energy efficiency of your new home can lower utility costs – gas, water, electricity – over time too.

Knockdown Rebuild Costs

Enjoy an exceptional-quality, energy-efficient, future-proof home built for you.

Building new means there will be no need for you to settle for less or make compromises inherent with renovating. A knockdown rebuild gives you the freedom to start fresh from the ground up.

As is the case for any Arden Vale home, we will strive to build the home that perfectly complements your land and reflects your distinctive tastes, needs and lifestyle, whether you decide on an existing home design (with or without customisations) or a home that is entirely customised for you.

Every Arden Vale home is built to the highest standards with exceptional finishes and adheres to strict environmental guidelines – both in regard to protecting neighbouring properties and your natural surrounds, and improving energy‑efficiency in your home. And the structure of new home will be protected by our Lifetime Guarantee.

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Knockdown Rebuild Expert Support

Expert support, from knockdown to rebuild

With the specialist services of our Knockdown Rebuild team, we have completed many successful projects with incredible results. As we move your knockdown rebuild from the initial discussion and concept stages right through to completion, we will do all we can to make your life simpler and exceed your expectations.

As we transform your vision into an outstanding home, we can assist with the procedure and planning of all aspects, including:

  • a thorough site assessment, taking into consideration factors like site accessibility for demolition and construction equipment; location of overhead power lines; potential traffic management; impact on neighbouring properties and surrounds; the slope, width and depth of your block; setbacks and easements (determining any limitations on where your home can be positioned); and driveway positioning.

  • guidance on choosing the right home from our existing range, or designing a custom home to suit.
  • demolition permits and fees, including those related to asbestos removal.
  • temporary fencing during both demolition and construction.
  • tree removal and vegetation removal permits.
  • disconnection and reconnection of services.
  • helpful checklists, guides and advice to assist you in communicating confidently with demolition and other contractors, as well as your local council, throughout the process
  • the building process (as it unfolds alongside the initial stages of your knockdown rebuild).

No knockdown rebuild is the same, and some sites require special consideration and treatment – like time to settle between demolition and construction. If you are considering knocking down your current home to rebuild new, we recommend you discuss your plans with us in advance so we can create a realistic timeline accommodating the unique needs for your project.