S & K

This is a short note to express our gratitude to you and all involved in the construction of our new home. As you are aware we have recently immigrated to Australia and moving into our new home has significantly helped our family settle and deal with the stresses of the whole process.

Being involved in a retail business myself, I realise that dealing with customers and their specific needs is not always easy, and that all too often, their demands can be difficult and or unrealistic. Good service is expected from all, but appreciation for a job well done is not as commonplace as it should be. In our particular instance we were always treated with the greatest of respect, with all of our questions and concerns promptly and professionally dealt with, irrespective of how mundane they may have been.

Throughout the whole process we felt that all of Arden Vale’s efforts and resources were being applied to our project and to keeping us happy, which can only be commended.

I would like to make special mention to Tim, Jeff and Terry’s efforts. Tim in particular guided us through the whole process with distinction and in many instances gave us good sound advice that has saved us significant amounts of time and money.

We now look forward to settling in to our new house and continuing your good work by turning it into a happy home.

Kind Regards

What our clients say

I had my first experience of purchasing a property off-the-plan with Arden Vale Homes. Hugh Begg and his team were extremely professional, reliable and efficient with their services..

Fleur L

We live in Central Queensland, but after hearing great feedback from another family member who used Arden Vale on their home, we contracted them to build a house for us in Crows Nest..

Iain W

We recently completed our fourth house with Arden Vale spanning a period of 27 years. We sincerely thank Hugh, Tim, Greg, Ben and the team for their exceptional customer service on what was a challenging narrow allotment project..

Tony & Suzanne